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Connecting owners of off-market real estate with qualified buyers able to pay premium prices and provide preferred move-out dates and terms. "No one will know you were silently selling, until it's sold."

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Welcome to Move Out Price (MOP) - Where discreet, passive sellers and qualified serious buyers connect in completely confidential transactions without agents, sales contracts, or even a sign in the yard. If your home has an address, it can always be for sale with 70% fewer fees."

At MOP, we've always been puzzled by the complex and commission-heavy real estate sales market. Traditional methods often involve hassle, signs, and agents dividing commissions of 6 to 7% from exclusively listed properties through services like FMLS. We believe in a different approach.

Efficiency and Savings: We understand that while some real estate transactions require extra care, most can be efficiently managed, saving costs with the same qualified attorneys, inspectors and real estate experts. That's why we focus on reducing commissions to 4-5%, ensuring that these savings go back to either the sellers or buyers. This approach not only boosts the seller's equity but also can put more flexibility in a transaction like buying buying down interest rates to maximize closings.

The MOP Matchmaker Service: Our unique Matchmaker service revolutionizes how sales are made by maintain a Highly Confidential list of sellers who are open to private offers. Our list will never be sold, and a "Home Trigger" is only activated if a potential buyer’s offer meets the seller's criteria in terms of price, terms, and move-out timeline. Our system was purpose buil to be private and direct, with no third-party involvement. This exclusive process only notifies sellers of potential offers when our internal criteria are met, ensuring a streamlined and secure transaction process.

Experience a new way of real estate transactions with MOP – where efficiency, savings, and privacy are at the heart of every deal. 

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wHat we believe

  • When you own an asset, it can forever be available for sale at your price, terms and timeframe.
  • A Matchmaker like Move Out Price reduces transaction costs by eliminating non-value-adding commissions and service expenses.
  • Your mailbox address is your "forever asset number," never known "for sale" to a potential buyer unless price, qualifications and timeframe are triggered. 
  • The willingness of a seller to sell in a private market at an acceptable price under certain conditions is a private agreement and is none of anyones business.
  • In a private market, offers and acceptances are completely private and confidential until the transaction is finalized.
  • A seller's willingness to accept offers under specific terms and conditions can occur privately.
"Because we are empty nesters and weren't in a huge rush to move, so we tried a different approach to test the waters. We gave "MOP" Move Out Price our ideal price and the date we could move without any contract that locked us down. It felt like we were setting our own rules in the selling game, exploring options without the pressure of agents knocking, a sign in the yard, or letting our neighborhood friends know. This approach kept everything easy and stress-free for us, just seeing if the perfect deal would come our way. MOP gets paid 2% for private sales. In our case this was $54,000 that could have been used elsewhere."

- Amber G. 

NO Offices

We don't have offices, but we have smart people in their 40's, 50's and 60's who know asset transactions, and the legal, environmental, social and life implications of  Buyers, Sellers and people who sit in the middle.  If you need one, you can probably find a broker surrounded by agents sitting in an office near you with a colorful "Marketing Plan" book and a subscription to FMLS to list your own.  

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